Students will learn different watercolor techniques by completing the projects in the course library that interest them.

Jessica's favorite subjects to paint are realistic looking cars, car parts, plants and flowers as well as cars, car parts plants and flowers with a bit of a whimsical look. Her favorite types of watercolor paints are tubes and liquids. Projects in the class library will heavily reflect her favorite subjects and types of paint.

Watercolor classes available here will include step by step video instruction, an outline to trace or use as a reference for drawing (when an outline is used), written step by step instructions, a supply list and a reference photo.

Each month Jessica teaches a number of projects at the Lassen County Arts Council. In person attendance of those classes is limited to only a few students. However, students from around the world and local students can take those classes online, at their own pace here. As Jessica's library of classes at the Arts Council expands, she will add those same classes and projects to the class library here.

Hi, I’m Jessica Keeney

I’m a self-taught watercolor artist and instructor.

I love classic and antique cars. I appreciate each car as a rolling work of art. Old cars and car parts are among my favorite things to paint. I also enjoy painting botanicals. My favorite painting styles are photorealistic and whimsical.

I try to use inexpensive materials so that watercolor painting doesn’t have to be very expensive. Most materials I use are available at Walmart or on Amazon. If the exact materials are unavailable at either place, a decent substitute is usually available at either place.