Old Truck with Bed of Pumpkins

Pumpkin Truck in Watercolor

Learn to paint this old truck with a bed of pumpkins in watercolor.

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Pumpkin Truck

Learn to Paint this Truck with a Bed of Pumpkins

Learn to paint this old truck with a bed of pumpkins using tube watercolors. You can use pans but I like the vibrance of tubes for this one. This class includes step by step video instructions, a reference photo, an outline and a supply list. After paying for this class you have as long as you like to finish your painting and you will not lose access to the course.

Feel free to share your finished product with your instructor and other class participants. We are often our own worst critic and you will be surprised how wonderful your painting looks when you see it on the computer screen a few days after you share it. If you choose not to share it, you should take a picture of it and look at the picture in a few days because your painting will likely look better than you thought it did when you look at it this way.